Apophyllite Gemstone Essence

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 This Apophyllite Gemstone Essence offers flashes of unexpected insight and clarity through a gentle, loving angelic energy in color rays of white and peach.  It fills and floods the auric field with white Light and carries a very clear and powerful vibration of purity tempered with the softness of Love.

 Brilliant flashes of silvery white light are presented to us like quick reflections bouncing through a series of mirrors, offering us glimpses of truth and deeper understandings of hidden knowledge and the connections between all living things. Often Apophyllite’s reflections are indirect and enter our awareness unexpectedly and in surprising ways. The power and intensity of this healing ray is automatically adjusted to what each individual is able to take in and assimilate in that moment. It is unbelievably powerful yet gentle at the same time. This allows us to receive and assimilate the truth more rapidly and efficiently.

 Promotes a smooth flow of Light energy throughout the body-mind-spirit.  Reveals a higher understanding of connections that may not be evident at first, until you catch a reflection a certain way.  You get a flash of insight and clarity - a knowing of these connections. The specific knowledge may be fleeting like a dream, but you retain the underlying understanding that allows you to recognize the Truth in your day-to-day life.

 This gemstone essence is useful when you feel stuck and can’t see where to move next.  When you have no understanding of why things are happening and feel frustrated about it.  Also useful to gain a deeper understanding of hidden cycles, patterns and connections when you want to learn more about something or someone specifically.  

 Shows and teaches you about the cycles, patterns, networks and connections that exist in our universe. Can teach you about multi-dimensional networks and connections.

 Useful when you need to be powerful and clear in your own stance or opinion and want to do so in a loving manner.

 Helps clear the heart center.  Promotes the pure, free, clear flow of unconditional love for all.

 Supports purity on any level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Excellent to use for support during any purification or detoxification process. Represents a white that never becomes soiled.  No matter how far astray any being has gone, there ALWAYS exists within a spark of pure white Light that can never be extinguished - the God Light within.

Each gemstone essence comes in a 0.5 ounce amber glass dropper top bottle.

Ingredients: Apophyllite Essence, Love & Light, Water, Brandy