Usui Reiki Levels of Training & Pricing

Usui Reiki Ryoho

The Secret Art of Inviting Happiness


Reiki I / Shoden First Degree

Introduction to Reiki

History of Reiki

Uses for Reiki

Reiki I Attunement

Self Treatment Protocol

Energy Beaming and Scanning

Hand Positions

Tuition $125


Reiki II / Okuden Second Degree

The Five Reiki Principles

Reiki II Attunement

Manifestation Grids and Affirmations

Reiki Symbols

Distance Healing Techniques

Hands On Practice

Tuition $150


Reiki III-A / Advanced Reiki Training (ART) Shinpiden Third Degree

ART Attunement

Guided Meditations

Psychic Surgery

Usui Master Symbol

Crystals as Reiki Tools

Spiritual Development

Tuition $250


Reiki III-B / Master Teacher Shihan Fourth Degree

Tuition $400


Karuna Reiki® is also offered. This system builds on the Usui training and embodies the qualities of Compassionate Action and heart opening.


Karuna Reiki® I & II

Karuna Reiki® Master Level



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