Reiki Energy Healing

Energy Healing Session / $75

Package of 3 Energy Healing Sessions / $195

Choose from Distance or In Person session

Reiki Training Classes are offered for individuals or groups.

The primary modality I use in energy healing is Reiki, which I combine with other tools like meridian flows, the elements, aromatherapy, crystals, sound healing, STAR energy and chakra balancing.  As I work with each individual, I assess the state of the energy field, note energy blockages and areas of tension held in the body-mind, tune into those areas, and receive intuitive guidance on which techniques to use to release those blockages.  Repairs are made accordingly and the person's energy field is re-balanced.  Sometimes one or two sessions is all it takes to resolve the issue at hand.  Other times the issue at hand is bringing to awareness a process of healing that is ready to begin, and multiple or regular sessions will support and accelerate that process.  Because each of us is unique, each healing session and process is also unique.  


This is the work that is closest to my heart and that has helped me the most through my own healing processes and spiritual development.  Energy healing can be used for many reasons such as health maintenance, stress and pain relief, migraines, support with emotional issues, letting go of old habits & patterns, chronic illness, releasing trauma, post injury or surgery, fertility, mental clarity and calming the nervous system.  It can also be used to support us in times of personal transformation, facilitating movement and insight when we are feeling "stuck" and fostering deeper spiritual growth and development.  This is the realm where all things are possible, and I have seen and personally experienced amazing results from this work.


Reiki Energy Healing sessions are very easily and effectively done remotely, as a distance healing session.  For this method, we schedule a time for your session preferably when you can be resting comfortably without too many distractions.  Communication and follow up is done via video conferencing (Skype, FaceTime or Zoom), phone or email.  In person sessions are available in Oro Valley, Arizona.  


Here is more information on What Is Reiki...

Reiki (pronounced "ray-kee") is a natural healing method from Japan.  It is simple, gentle, non-invasive and is administered by laying on of hands.  This energy balancing technique promotes the smooth flow of ki, or life force energy, throughout the body-mind-spirit.  Ki flows through the body in pathways called meridians.  It is the universal source energy that gives us life, nourishes our cells, tissues and organs and governs our emotions.  Normal everyday stresses, poor posture, physical and emotional traumas, injuries and surgeries are some of the things that can injure and interfere with the smooth flow of ki in our bodies.  Reiki helps to release blockages and restore the healthy flow of ki, speeding the body's natural healing process and automatically flowing wherever it is most needed.  Reiki is safe and gentle, yet powerful and can be given to people of any age with any condition with positive benefits.