21 Day Online Reiki Empowerment Program


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Are you ready to...

IGNITE your Reiki practice

DEEPEN your Reiki connection

EXPAND your Reiki skills?

Then you are ready for this 21 DAY ONLINE REIKI EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM! With this course you'll EXPLORE a new topic each day for 21 days with teachings, discussions, practical exercises and guided meditations to expand your understanding and experience of Reiki.

Whether your focus is healing yourself or others-

Whether you're a brand new Reiki Level I student or an experienced Reiki Master/Teacher-

This course will encourage you to explore different aspects of Reiki with fresh eyes, spark creative insights and offer new ways to incorporate this powerful healing energy into your day to day life and Reiki practice. Enhance your Reiki skills and add to your Reiki toolbox.

Presented by Reiki Masters Kerry Blank and Dawn Fleming, both full time energy healers with more than 50 years combined experience in practicing and teaching Reiki professionally.

Use code IGNITE to get a 25% discount

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Classroom opens June 10th! Pre-register by June1st and be placed in a drawing to win one of many prizes - Silk Scarves infused with Reiki, downloadable meditations, signed copies of Dawn's book Start, Grow, and Expand Your Reiki Practice, and aromatheray blends by Kerry!

Topics include

Reiki and Intuition
Reiki as a Pathway to Loving Relationships
Byosen Scanning
Grounding into Your Essence with Reiki
Reiki for Conscious Creation
Inner Alignment for Practicing Reiki
Reiki and the Detoxification Process
Reiki for Balancing the Nervous System
Reiki for Trauma
Reiki and Forgiveness
Reiki for Weight Loss
Reiki for Healing Sadness and Depression
Improving Relationships with Reiki
Reiki and the Realm of Miracles
Reiki and Honoring Free Will
Integrating Reiki With Other Healing Modalities
Reiki for Clearing and Creating Sacred Space
Reiki and Creating Healthy Boundaries
Reiki, Angels and Spirit Guides
Reiki for Supporting the Dying Process
Reiki and Crystals for Self Healing


Why 21 Days?

The 21 days you'll commit to for this program reflect Dr. Usui’s 21 day meditation on Mt. Kurama where he rediscovered the Reiki energy.

21 days is also the amount of time it takes our subconscious to establish a new habit or pattern. By choosing to complete this course in a 21 day format, you’ll greatly amplify your connection to the Reiki energy and definitely ignite your Reiki practice.


Who is this course for?

This Reiki Empowerment Program is for people attuned to any level of Reiki. Whether you are just getting started with Reiki or are a seasoned Reiki Master/Teacher, the lessons are designed to speak to all levels.


How does it work?

Starting June 10, 2018 after you sign up, you'll receive a lesson each day for 21 days. Information is presented in a combination of video, audio and pdf formats. Each lesson offers a downloadable handout or meditation for you to easily practice what is taught.

Work at your own pace and repeat the whole program or any lessons you'd like to focus on as many times as you'd like.

Join our private facebook group just for students of this course to share experiences, inspire one another and ask questions.

Use code IGNITE to get a 25% discount

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Your Instructors

Kerry Blank & Dawn Fleming

Kerry Blank is an energy healer, educator, aromatherapist, and licensed skin care and massage therapist. She is the owner of Catalina Aromatherapy, offering classes, workshops and custom blends. She also offers personal mentoring and business consulting services. Kerry's unique gift is the ability to “see” energy blockages and areas of tension held in the body-mind, tune into those areas, and receive intuitive guidance on which techniques are best to release those blockages. Her primary modality is Reiki, which she combines with other tools like meridian flows, 5 Element Theory, CranioSacral Therapy and aromatherapy. Visit her online at


Dawn Fleming is an Energy Expert and a catalyst for change. Working in the field for over 25 years as an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, medical intuitive, soul coach, ordained minister, teacher, and author, Dawn has helped many people heal, move forward, live their truth, and celebrate their life. She has dedicated her life's work to healing and embracing higher consciousness through energy methods, meditation, prayer, and alchemical tools and processes. Dawn currently sees clients in her offices in Prescott and Scottsdale and via distance healing as she has clients around the world. Her website is

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