Consulting & Mentoring

Consulting & Mentoring Session / $70

Series of 4 Sessions / $260

Choose from Business or Personal Consulting


Consulting and mentoring is designed to provide support when you need it.  My role is to be a non-biased facilitator for your process.  It is my belief that at the core of our being we are Spirit expressing through these physical bodies.  The purpose of our life on Earth is for our own spiritual growth and development.  Negative feelings such as sadness, depression stuck-ness and unhappiness come from a lack of alignment with our Spirit's true desires.  As we become more aware of this we learn to release old limiting patterns.


As we align with and embrace the dance of our Spirit, we heal ourselves - we grow - we expand - we become self empowered.


Sessions are done via video conferencing, phone or in person.  Together we discuss your goals, current challenges, and where you are now with regard to them.  If you are feeling unsure about what to focus on, we can tune in to discover what's up for you in that moment to support your highest good and alignment.  Through discussion and self awareness tools, we identify and bring light to the areas where your personal energy is not in alignment with your goals and your Spirit.  You control the pace and scope of the work.  These sessions are most effective when done regularly or in a series, so they are offered in packages of 4 sessions.  You can also schedule a single session initially to see what the work is like and decide if it is for you, or for support as needed during more difficult times.


Business consulting and mentoring sessions are focused on your particular needs.  My own entrepreneurial adventures have taken me through creating, developing and selling several businesses from small sole proprietorships to larger corporations.  My expertise is in the day spa industry, with additional experience in real estate investing and online sales.  I love helping people succeed, and find balance between business and the whispers of their heart.