Herkimer Diamond Gemstone Essence

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Herkimer Diamond Gemstone Essence


This Herkimer Diamond Gemstone Essence carries the resonance of extreme and absolute clarity with no interference, beyond the shadow of a doubt.  It promotes clear communication between parties.

It supports instant telepathy and transfer of thoughts, visions, knowledge. Herkimer offers a vehicle to travel through the dimensions and worlds and for levitation.  Use it to learn, to see, to experience - like a school or training center. The art of shapeshifting is taught here: controlling, expanding and directing your consciousness to things, places, realms, etc. The possibilities are limitless. 

This essence is useful anytime more clarity is needed whether it involves your own thoughts and state of mind or communication with others. It is the ultimate cleanser because of its ability to instantly dissipate cloudiness of any kind such as energy congestion, mental fog and internal resistances. This makes it excellent as a self healing tool.

 Can be helpful for seeing yourself clearly and clearing what’s no longer useful or necessary.  Helps you uncover what in your life is not in alignment with your true self.

Promotes alignment with Source, supports ascension consciousness. It is a great amplifier - sending any energy through Herkimer will focus and amplify it at least 10-fold. For example, you can use it to project thoughts (telepathy), healing rays, to manifest things, and amplify projections of any kind.  Be creative and see where it leads you.

Each gemstone essence comes in a 0.5 ounce amber glass dropper top bottle.

Ingredients: Herkimer Diamond Essence, Love & Light, Water, Brandy